Fabio Cian

Fabio Cian


Unexpected (as climate change?)

To have an empty “Blog” section on your website doesn’t make much sense, I told myself many times. I thought to remove it, but the thing is that I knew that sooner or later I would have found an excuse to start writing on it. Here I am. For the ones that followed me before, yes, this is going to be another travel blog. But different.

First, because I will write in English and will make mistakes. Be indulgent, please.

Second, because many things happened from the last time I wrote a blog and I’m enjoying writing blog posts more than ever. Now that I can call myself a scientist and that I mainly write scientific or technical articles, thinking that I don’t have to go through peer-review just feels awesome. This doesn’t mean I will write inaccurate information, just that I can freely add my personal thoughts without disappointing Reviewer 3.

Third and most important, because it’s not just about traveling somewhere in the world, it is about traveling through climate science, some photography, and the world. Cool, isn’t it?

My photo-documentary project “Climate Labs” was selected by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (LMU Munich) for an outreach fellowship. This means that I will have an incredible (and unexpected) opportunity to spend time in Munich in contact with a truly interdisciplinary crowd and work on my project. Very soon (today!), I will start working on the photos collected in the past months, I will take more photos, I will work on the narrative supporting the story, from a scientific and personal point of view, doing researching on global environmental and societal changes.

This blog, for the moment, wants to tell this journey through climate science, and the world. A sort of journal, to fill with adventures, challenges, doubts, thoughts, whatever comes into my mind.

I hope you will enjoy.