Fabio Cian

Fabio Cian


Lunchtime Colloquium at RCC

In April this year, I started my 6-month adventure as an outreach fellow at the Rachel Carson Center (RCC) in Munich. The first half of my comeback in Munich has been really full. Besides hanging out with old friends and taste again my old life as a Münchner, mainly: i) I have been exposed to unusual topics compared to the ones I’m used to, getting to know and understanding a bit of the Environmental Humanities world; ii) my life went through a lot of traveling and weather swings. 

These hectic months, besides leaving me little time to write, provoked quite a bit of thinking, which I still need to digest. I will tell more in the coming weeks. 

With regard to my activities as an RCC fellow, on July 18thI gave a talk for the Lunchtime Colloquium, a weekly event organized by the center, where fellows present their projects. I had the chance to present and discuss about my “Climate Labs” photo-documentary project that you can watch here, on the RCC’s YouTube channel. 

It’s still a work in progress, but I hope you enjoy it.